First Edition

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Because I write Christmas letters but NEVER actually get them into the mail I thought I'd try a blog. I hope you enjoy the occassional updates. Note that I'm not committing to a timeframe for my updates... they will come when I have inspiration coupled with a few quiet moments. I'm raising two boys so there's no guarantee when that will occur again. The only reason I have a few minutes to put this together is because it's Christmas; they've had all the sugar they could consume and I've spent too much money on toys which are completely entertaining them (little pat on the back for mom). I've got to figure out a way to do this once a month - It's bought me at least 30 minutes of solitude! Ask me tomorrow and I'm sure I'll be signing another tune when I'm dealing with the downside of the sugar buzz.
My Aunt Chris begged for some updated pictures of the boys in her Christmas letter so here are a couple from this past year.
Jordan on 4th of July enjoying the fireworks with 'ear goggles' and star sunglasses.
Justus turning 7 years old.

Mom and Dad enjoying our first Seahawks game in the new stadium. That's face paint I'm wearing... not an over the top eye shadow application!