Our First Wenatchee Wild Hockey Game

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last night I took both boys to our very first semi-professional hockey game. The Wenatchee Wild is our new team in town. They play at the newly constructed Town Toyota Center. It's a great place. The people around us were fun, there were times during the game that we were ahead and the announcer really kept the crowd lively when we weren't. Being a brand new team we aren't at the top of the scoreboard very often. Jordan loved watching where the team mascot, 'Wolf' was going and what he was doing. Justus was really into the game, he read the rules from cover to cover.

It was group night for Central Washington Hospital employees. We ended up with 720 people there which is the largest group crowd they've had in the building since it opened! We made lots of noise throughout the night. So much that my voice was a little raw this morning.

(Self portrait)

Pictures - Hooray!

It only took two failed attempts at loading the camera software, and the purchase of an all-in-one photo, copy, fax, scanner to get my pictures from the camera to the computer. I'm so happy to report that all 604 pictures transfered easily once I realized there was a little slot on the front of the printer... too cool!
Photo's to be posted shortly.

Menu Planning

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have been struggling with fixing meals for my family. I'm not a 21st century mom who's struggling with fixing healthy meals. I'm talking about getting something on a plate each night for dinner. I won't admit how many months it's been since I've provided two home cooked meals within one 7-day window. My definition of 'home cooked' equates to anything I can say I cooked; AKA heated up within the confines of my own kitchen. Now you know a little of the history. Ready for the unveiling? I have spent about an hour a day for about 3 days working on a menu planner. I saw another blog with a great template, tweaked it for our family and following is the result. If anyone is interested in recipes I'm happy to share.

When creating the plan I flipped through my 2008 Quick Cooking cookbook. My wonderful grandparents have purchased an annual subscription for me for several years. I love this book! I belive you can click on the picture to view a larger image.

I'm still here

Monday, January 5, 2009

I haven't forgotten about my faithful followers... geez guys, way to put the pressure on me! I'm having difficulty getting pictures off of my camera. We're in the middle of swapping from one computer to the other. I guess I need to re-load the software for the camera onto the new (used) computer. Just figured that out today. More to come.

On another note I've really been trying to come up with a meal plan for our family. Something that functions for us. I was inspired by Kerry's blog, a fellow FlyLady. Check it out if you're interested; http://ignoranceandapathy.blogspot.com/

I'll post our meal plan once it's completed. I'd say I'm more than 50% done for the entire month of January - hooray! I was so desperate at one point I had signed up to pay $50+ dollars for a year of automated menu planning through a website - it was approved of by Oprah so it had to be good, right? Then my senses where knocked into me (that's a nice way of say, "My husband found out.") Tee Hee!