Our First Wenatchee Wild Hockey Game

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last night I took both boys to our very first semi-professional hockey game. The Wenatchee Wild is our new team in town. They play at the newly constructed Town Toyota Center. It's a great place. The people around us were fun, there were times during the game that we were ahead and the announcer really kept the crowd lively when we weren't. Being a brand new team we aren't at the top of the scoreboard very often. Jordan loved watching where the team mascot, 'Wolf' was going and what he was doing. Justus was really into the game, he read the rules from cover to cover.

It was group night for Central Washington Hospital employees. We ended up with 720 people there which is the largest group crowd they've had in the building since it opened! We made lots of noise throughout the night. So much that my voice was a little raw this morning.

(Self portrait)


Dawn said...

Fun! I've never been to a hockey game before. You got some great pictures while you were there.

Queen Mimi said...

The pictures are Great! I've only been to 2 games...and they lost both times. But it was So Much fun.

Hydee said...

The winning or loosing part wasn't a big deal... the atmosphere is so charged either way that it's a blast!

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