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Monday, January 5, 2009

I haven't forgotten about my faithful followers... geez guys, way to put the pressure on me! I'm having difficulty getting pictures off of my camera. We're in the middle of swapping from one computer to the other. I guess I need to re-load the software for the camera onto the new (used) computer. Just figured that out today. More to come.

On another note I've really been trying to come up with a meal plan for our family. Something that functions for us. I was inspired by Kerry's blog, a fellow FlyLady. Check it out if you're interested; http://ignoranceandapathy.blogspot.com/

I'll post our meal plan once it's completed. I'd say I'm more than 50% done for the entire month of January - hooray! I was so desperate at one point I had signed up to pay $50+ dollars for a year of automated menu planning through a website - it was approved of by Oprah so it had to be good, right? Then my senses where knocked into me (that's a nice way of say, "My husband found out.") Tee Hee!


Chad the Chicken said...

Well, for pete's sake, you can pay me $50 and I'll come up with a meal plan you'll never forget!

Miss J said...

Hey Hydee!

So glad I found your blog. Your boys are adorable! I can't believe how much they have grown. The meal plan sounds great. When I went back to school in '03 I went crazy and did a meal plan for us with shopping lists for 5 weeks, then I just repeated it and I had meals for the whole quarter. Sigh. I wish I were still that organized! You've inspired me though..also funny that you mention the FlyLady thing! A friend of mine recommended her to me. I never got past the shine your sink phase, but maybe I'll give it another try. Have you found it really helpful?

Hope the new job is going great and that you are are well. Happy New Year!


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