Are we cutout to be a Nielsen Family?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Through the coupon blogs I watch I heard that the Nielsen Corporation was taking applications.  I 'tried out' and we were accepted.  This means we'll be tracking everything we buy.  Am I freaked out about the government watching our every move... aren't they already?  My theory is this: if Christians go to the movies in mass to support the type of films we hope to inspire other film executives to finance shouldn't that be the same for the household products we buy?  I think the things I don't buy will be as important as the things I do.
So, I'll see how it goes.  I will be earning cool gifts along the way.
 I scanned my first Walgreens purchase tonight.  It was steal by the way. 
3 of the brand new Crest ProHealth toothpaste... the $3-$4 kind = $4
3 boxes of sandwich bags = $3
2 bags of Stacy's Pita Chips = $4
1 Dawn dish soap = $0.49
Total without coupons = 21.54
Total AFTER coupons = $11.51, Love it!

Justus Officially Declared He Will Walk with the the Lord!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We had a great JBQ Moment:
Justus went to the alter many times as a child and has accepted Jesus into his heart multiple times with both Steve and I during bed time prayers, etc.  However, tonight was a bit different.  He's older now.  Tonight he asked when he was going to be baptized.  It was a great way to ask him about his committment to Christ.  We spent time talking about how he planned to live his life, which road/path he desires for himself, his family, and his own children.  We prayed together for protection, a clear mind and that the right choices in life would become apparent when things seem confusing.  He felt good about his new/better defined committment to Jesus, it was a great conversation and I'm so glad I got to experience it with him.

I believe we recommitt ourselves to Jesus every morning and look forward to further conversations with both Justus and Jordan throughout their life.  Conversations like this make your heart swell.

2010 Resolutions

Saturday, January 2, 2010

All of my friends have such great ideas and plans for 2010.  I ponder resolutions but I typically do not make them.  No resolutions, no failure to admit to later on.

This year I'd like to save lots of money at the grocery store.  This is actually deeper than it may appear.  I think by focusing on something I can quantify will help to accomplish other (more important) goals within our home.  Things I have a difficult time staying on top of... like menu planning, cooking, cleaning, laundry... the basics.  When the basics are under control I'm a better mom, nicer, happier, I can breath, which means my kids and husband get to live with a better me.  You'll see a running total of dollars spent and saved on my blog... I may or may not keep it there... it's just an idea.

I'd also like to get back into my excersize routine.  I'm going to work into it gradually between now and Jordan's birthday.  Once a week would satisfy my goal between now and March.  Then I'll ask myself to increase to 2-3 times per week.  This is the schedule I was on prior to the car accident and ankle injury... 2009 was a difficult year and my jeans won't forgive me any longer!

Those are my official goals for 2010.  I hope to create some peace for myself that will then allow me to extend a helping hand to those around me more often.