February's Menu Plan

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January dinners were so stress-free. I put the January menu plan on the refridgerator and referred to it every day at lunch time. There were days that situations popped up and I had to move a meal around, etc but having the basic structure ready to go was great. I knew that I had the right food in the house to make any of the meals for that week.

I have completed the menu plans for February. I've attached a picture below and believe you can click on it to view in a seperate, larger window (pretty proud of figuring that out BTW). If you're interested in any of the recipes just let me know. I'll probably post some of our favorites during the month.



Dawn said...

Your menu plan looks great Hydee. I want to eat at your house. ;)

Daisy said...

Look at you, Ms. Planner. I always make a plan, then I'm not in the mood fof what I planned. LOL.

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