The Longest Valentine's Day Ever!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Both boys had a Valentine's Day party on Thursday this week. Then Jordan had another one on Friday. Then of course Valentine's Day was on Saturday. They were bouncing off the walls with all the candy in their tummy's. Mom was bouncing off the walls too...
Picture of Jordan at his preschool party enjoying his cake. He talked me (forced me) into bringing an entire sheet cake from Costco to the party. I had planned to split Costco cupcakes between the two schools but I didn't realize Jordan thought this was a birthday party. When we got to the store it was either spend the money and buy the cake or drag a 60 pound 4 year old out of the store by his heels... do you know how far of a walk that would have been... the bakery is in the back of the store you know! I quickly decided this wasn't a battle I was up to that night. So we left Costco with a full sheet cake AND 24 cupcakes. My boys must have been the class favorites this year! Next year I'm shopping without kids.
On Valentine's morning the boys had fun decorating personalized Valentine's Day cards for their daddy, grandparents and great-grandparents.
Honestly, there are days that they actually get dressed before noon!
Steve had a beautiful bouquet of roses waiting for me and we enjoyed an early dinner at our favorite restaurant. Then we had family over for a thrilling card game (1,500 trump anyone!) to top off the day.

Hope your family enjoyed the Valentine's Day Weekend as much as ours!


Daisy said...

Looks like you all had fun!!

I thought I had the candy under control. We went to our homeschool party (health nuts) and our libary's party (no food, just crafts). Pretty good!

Came home to discover Jon had brought all the junk from school home with him.

We had a High Fructose Corn Syrup and Red #40 party. Ryan was insane for 24 hours.

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