Dinner Party

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This week we enjoyed a small dinner party at the house with a few of our friends. Being at home during the work day allowed me to prepare a nice meal for everyone. I really enjoy entertaining friends and family and am trying to do it more often. It's a New Years' Resolution that I'm still succeeding at and it's almost 3 months into the year - a little pat on the back for me! We had seasoned chicken, baked potatoes, snow peas, Wendy brought a caesar salad (and beautiful flowers) and I had time to bake a pumpkin spice cake - yum!

The cake turned out so well one of the guests had two slices and took a piece home with him - I'll keep their identity hidden. He even told me he's never liked pumpkin prior to tasting the cake. This was such an easy one to put together I thought I'd share the receipt. It whipped up very quickly. I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy it.


Delena said...

Yum! I'm feeling slighted now. There was no pumpkin cake at your house when I was there.....

Daisy said...

I'm all over that cake. Yummy!

Sigh, I need to "entertain" more. I'm so tired after teaching kids all day that I just want to crash and read a book.

Friends? What are those? Maybe if I'd entertain some I'd have more. LOL.

Melissa said...

Nice---any dessert with pumpkin is tops in my book.

Hmmm....my word verification word is "sweedish"....I'm suddenly craving meatballs.

Ryan and Nicole said...

Ok... I'll try this again. My computer is acting funky. Your cake looks soooo good! I still try to make that peach cake you made a long time ago when we were there visiting. MMMM... Good!

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