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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This winter a friend and I took a 4 week knitting class at the community college. I thought I'd share the outcome of my recently acquired knitting skills. The purple hat is for my great-niece. I can't believe I'm old enough to have a 'great'-niece. She is the sweetest baby there ever was. Her cheeks are adorably squishable, she's very calm and happy, smart. I love her to pieces. She just turned 4 months old. The hat matches a blanket I crocheted for her earlier this year.

The blue hat was finished tonight during swim team practice. It's for Justus. Half way through the project he said he wanted a hat that would cover his ears. Thank goodness this one just makes it! I think I'll look for a pattern that's actually intended to cover the ears for a little variety in my next project. Ear coverage would be good... and not just because he asked for it.
This is for my friend Delena (Happy Birthday BTW). She missed this little adventure because she successfully rangled her kids out of the pool much earlier than I did. Justus eventually emerged from the locker room. When you're a boy there must be some really fasinating stuff in there because it takes FOREVER to get out when your mom's waiting for you. He was followed by his friend who came over to the parent's bleachers and announced to everyone that he heard someone say, 'Frickin' idiot.' He then divulged the name of the offender... I left quietly. Frickin' is my favorite word right now, it's useful in a variety of situations (driving, laundry time) but usually reserved for use in front of the immediate family members. Guess I need a new word. Or ear flaps!


Dawn said...

Great job on the hats Hydee! And that is a funny story. ;)

Delena said...

Hahahaha! You've got me cracking up now and my kids want to know I told them. I'm glad it was somebody else's kid and not mine because the Good Lord knows they've heard some colorful words around here. :)

Melissa said...

wow, you are quick with the posting. The hats are great too! Cant' wait to see your next project. :)

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