February Junior Bible Quiz Meet

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yesterday Justus and I traveled to the Seattle area for a Junior Bible Quiz competition. The teams are much tougher this year. Being able to buzz in quick enough to answer a question is actually pretty impressive in and of itself. He was in competition with approximately 50 kids. He earned enough points over the course of the day to fall into the 25th spot. I am very proud of him.

A Quiz Bee was held afterwards which is very similar to a spelling bee. They read a question and the child gives the answer. If they do not give the answer they are out. They started with about 50 kids. Justus made it through until he was the 13th child left. The top 10 kids earned a trophy. It was a very big accomplishment for him - he had such a big smile on his face! Even when it was his turn to sit out. He knew he had done well. One of his team mates actually made it into the top 10 - that was very exciting!

Today we had an Ice Skating party to celebrate the teams efforts over the past 4 weeks. They spend several hours studying in prerparation for these meets. I didn't get a picture of us today but this is one from a previous skating experience with the boys. Can I just mention that taking a 4 yr old child who weighs approximately 60 pounds ice skating should not be repeated; Back pain!


Daisy said...

Congratulations, Justus!!

Wow, I haven't been ice skating in 20+ years. I'd probably land right on my rump

Queen Mimi said...

I am So Proud of Justice!!! And ALL our WFA Kids. Glad you got to skate after all. I'd like to go to one of these JBQ events and cheer the kids on. Keep me posted of any local ones.

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