Leo the Lion

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Introducing Leo the Lion, our 7 week old kitten! The boys love him; Steve tolerates him and he keeps me entertained during the work day. There are times he's so entertaining I have to close him out of my office. He really enjoys walking across my keyboard... hmmm.

He also enjoys sitting on my shoulders and taking naps in my jacket. He's already mastered crawling from the bottom of my pant leg to my shoulders. He's a great cat. Fully potty trained. My kind of man!


Daisy said...

Too cute! Watch out for your curtains. Kittens are murder on curtains. He will eventually outgrow that (ours did anyway).

Very sweet and I love the name.

Delena said...

What a cutie! I love klttens because they're so psychotic.

Melissa said...

So sweet. I'm totally jealous......of the potty-trained status.

Chad the Chicken said...

He's a devil!!!!!!!! Ok, now why haven't you posted anything about your new living room yet???????????????????????????

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