I've been knitting!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rather than giving you an update to span across the past 9 months of time let's just say I've been busy. Torn ligaments in my ankle while at Disneyland, a few business trips and boom, it's the holidays! I did manage to squeeze in some knitting. Here are my first two pairs of socks. They aren't perfect, but they are all mine and I love them. I'm currently working on a small bag/purse for a friend. Hoping to finish it this week.


Miss J said...

Those are amazing! Nice work, Hydee. I love knitting...don't you? Why did we not discover the joys of knitting in our youth?

Chad the Chicken said...

Well bless the Lord! 9 months - the full term of a baby and Hydeelouise is back among the living!

Delena said...

I'm sorry.....who are you? Your blog popped up as if I'm following but I don't know who you are. Perhaps I've forgotten. Nice socks, though.

Hydee said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

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