Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I hope you all enjoyed some strong family time together over the Christmas Holiday. We had a great time with lots of relatives at the house between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Lots of food and some good laughs. Jordan loved his Iron Man Rocket Launcher and immediately tested it upon opening. I was ready with my camera but hadn't anticipated the tremendous amount of pressure and speed at which it was about to hit my living room ceiling. With about 30 people in the living room (all of the Shraders) we're lucky no one had an eye poked out, or a head torn off. I'm sure it would have shattered our front window. Once we all checked if our body parts were still attached we had quite a laugh! Not intended for indoor use - well gee, look at all the fun the instruction following families missed!

Justus chopped down the tree today with the hatchet he bought with his money last month during our North Pole trip. Then he vacuumed all the pine needles. I'll post a couple of photo's below.

I think this is one of the 'rights of passage into manhood' - he passed :-)


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