Knitting and Sewing Projects for Christmas

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I have been making clogs forever... or so it feels.  I've never made somethig more than once until now.  The clog pattern I found at the local yarn shop is wonderful.  You can check it out on if you're interested.  I started with the child's size and then did two more in the adult version.  Jordan, Justus and Steve were the recipients.  These were completed 48 hours before Christmas.  I felt so ahead!  Uncle Brian has already placed his order for 2010.
I also sewed on all of the badges for Justus' Royal Rangers vest.  He wore it all Christmas morning.  He's been earning badges since September but hasn't had a vest to display them.  I also sewed an authentic Police Officers shield to the front of a new shirt for Jordan.  I was given the badge by an officer from Boston.  We sat next to each other on a plane from Seattle to Boston and talked all about our kids, dirt biking, camping... our families would get along so well!  At the end he gave me an extra shield he had with him.  I knew Jordan would love it.  He wore the shirt for 2 days!


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