Jordan and the candy bar

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big thud, muffled cries (the I really hurt myself kind of cries) mommy runs to the kitchen to find Jordan on the floor covering his mouth, crying, hurt, a little scared. He couldn't talk between the crying, gasping for air and his hand covering his mouth like he bit his tongue or something. Took me a minute to figure out he fell off the kitchen counter backwards straight onto his back. He was up there to reach his cute little pudgy hand into the candy basket Daddy 'hid' on the very top shelf. His hand has been over his mouth this entire time not because he bit his tongue, because he's scared mommy will find out he's shoved a butterfinger bar in there. There's so much in there he can't chew or swallow. When I finally realize there's no blood we all laugh a little and each of us gets a candy... honestly, what my kids will do for sugar!


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